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Investment Property Financing

Our Services

Investment Property Financing

Purchasing an investment or income property can be an extremely exciting and lucrative journey for many homeowners. From rental income to future resale value accrued, these long- or short-term commitments have incredible potential to make money and secure your financial future. There are two types of investment properties, residential and commercial investment properties.

Residential Investment Properties:

  • A residential property with 4 or less units for rent long or short term
  • Most common type of real estate investment
  • Not commonly used as the primary residence

Commercial Investment Properties:

  • A property with 5 or more units that are residential and/or commercial.
  • Higher maintenance costs and higher potential for income generation

Whether you are eager to purchase a cottage, rental property, or a commercial investment property, we can help make every step along the way easy and efficient. Call our team today to learn more.

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